Company Overview


Planting Opportunity

Strategic Global Capital is a private US investment corporation that seeks to purchase or originate microfinance loans while promoting socioeconomic development for individuals and small businesses in Latin America. Strategic Global Capital partners with Microfinance Institutions to provide financing for future growth.

What to Expect:

  • SGC evaluates and selects partner Microfinance Institutions.

  • We then determine the viability of our program with partner Microfinance Institutions through communication and dialogue.
  • Once we come to an agreement that our program will be mutually beneficial, terms for our agreement are chosen and an in-person visit is scheduled.
  • SGC then pays partner Microfinance Institutions for certain loans from their portfolio, and the Microfinance Institutions continue to service these loans through maturity.

Our Strengths:

  • Regular purchasing of loans from partner MFIs.
  • SGC reinvests its profits creating exponential growth for partner MFIs.

  • Together we can empower MFIs by providing a more flexible funding platform for local entrepreneurs in their community.

Our Team

Strategic Global Capital is lead by Bryan Kuhn, Esq. who is a licensed attorney in the state of Colorado (USA) with considerable professional experience involving international business deals and purchasing micro-finance note portfolios for investment purposes.


Our History

In late 2010, the founders of the Strategic Global Capital (“SGC”) companies wanted to know if it was possible to establish a new secondary debt market for buying and selling micro-finance notes around the world. Such a new secondary debt market could offer investors the opportunity for high returns and would provide an important source of liquidity or new capital for micro-finance institutions.