Welcome to Strategic Global Capital

Helping individuals and small business obtain the money they need to live and prosper

Strategic Global Capital (SGC) is a private international investment company specializing in micro finance with offices in Ecuador and the United States. We seek long-term relationships with Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) and provide working capital for the creation and expansion of local businesses worldwide.

Micro Finance Institutions can now thrive in a more flexible environment and benefit from exponential growth as the profits are reinvested back into their communities. 

A Great Track Record and Solid Future Growth

A Great Track Record and Solid Future Growth Since 2011, SGC has been involved with ongoing micro loan purchasing programs in the country of Ecuador. To date, we have excellent results (and returns) with our programs in this country. Based on our past success, we wish to expand our company to additional MFI’s in Ecuador and in other new markets in South America, including but not limited to the countries of Peru and Colombia.

Microfinance Strategy

A microfinance institution is an organization that offers financial services to low income populations. Almost all give loans to their members, and many offer insurance, deposit and other services. Microfinance institutions fill a needed gap within the financial services industry by offering small loans, or micro-loans, to people unable to access conventional loan services. Access to credit can play a pivotal role to individuals and small businesses in economic growth and perhaps moreso in under-developed areas such as Latin America.

A More Flexible Funding Platform

Strategic Global Capital earns its revenues from the spread between the purchase price paid for the loans and the interest and principal we collect from the microfinance Institution. We have had excellent results since initiating our pilot programs in Ecuador over 5 years ago and are looking to expand our operations throughout South and Central America. Please refer to the “Growth Opportunities” and “Institutional Investors” sections of this website for more information.

Helping People and Small Businesses in Need
  • Regular purchasing of loans from partner MFIs.
  • SGC reinvests its profits creating exponential growth for partner Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs).
  • Empower Microfinance Institutions by providing a more flexible funding platform for local entrepreneurs in their community.

Strategic Global Capital strives to help select individuals and small businesses in Ecuador and South America obtain the money they need to help their business thrive and prosper. .