What We Are Offering Investors


Through our platform, you can buy groups of microloans. These are not bonds or term deposits but rather groups of loans that amortize over time possibly making them a new addition to your portfolio. That means in every payment to you, you will receive repayment for the accumulated principal and payment for the accumulated interest. Your investment dollar will not only be going towards a product that will provide you with competitive returns but also to help microentrepreneurs and the institutions that support them across the globe.

To date, there are few opportunities to invest in microfinance in our traditional financial markets despite the size of the microfinance market globally. There are sporadic opportunities to invest in a fund, buy a bond, or participate in peer-to-peer lending, but we are aiming to bring you a true secondary market to buy and sell microloans and a new way to empower entrepreneurs across the globe.

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Why It Matters


We are offering you an investment product that sits at the intersection of three of the most dominant trends in finance today: income generation, impact, and diversification.

As a debt product, this investment provides consistent quarterly payments of principal and interest to you. These loans provide capital to microentrepreneurs in developing countries who are not serviced by traditional banking systems to find a way to end the cycle of poverty. Additionally, microfinance has historically not been correlated with mainstream financial markets which offers an opportunity to diversify your portfolio.

However, this goes beyond providing you with a unique investment opportunity, competitive returns, and an avenue to diversify your portfolio. This is about being a part of opening a new financial market.

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What To Expect


Due to the high regulatory environment we are in, we are only able to offer this opportunity to accredited investors as defined by the SEC. If you are an accredited investor, follow the steps below to invest with us.

  1. Click the “I want to invest” button to go to our Exchange page and browse through the selection of microloan groups available for purchase
  2. When you find one you like, click “Invest”
  3. Fill out the initial contact and demographic information
  4. We will be in touch shortly to send you the necessary documentation and payment information

We will be in contact with you every step of the way.

If you are not an accredited investor, sign up for our updates by clicking the button below, and we will let you know when we are able to offer this opportunity to more people.

Are You An Institutional Investor?

If you would like to explore how to incorporate this investment product into your portfolio or invest in our company, please contact us, so we can discuss this potential partnership.

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